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From September to October of every year, the Puraran Surf Camp in Puraran, Baras, Catanduanes becomes a host to advanced surfers and serious seekers of stoke. Many come to see and surf the Majestics, the powerful barreling wave whose beauty is renowned worldwide.

And yet many do not know that the Puraran Surf Camp is not only for seasoned sea-dwellers. Throughout the rest of the year, when swell heights are not as intimidating, the picturesque paradise is a home to a myriad of other fun-seekers, family vacationers, novice surfers and travel enthusiasts.

The Puraran Surf Camp is not for those in search of a mediocre experience. Whatever you go here for, you are guaranteed to leave rewarded, re-energized and fulfilled.


purarasurfschoolMost people think that Puraran is only for surfing experts, but in fact, it’s one of the best places to learn how to surf! Starting out at a crowded beach where you may get run over by other beginners is not always a fun experience. This is why the Puraran Surf Camp puts much emphasis on one-is-to-one surf coaching at beginner-friendly beach or reef breaks away from the horde. Yes, we encourage beginners to try surfing reef breaks so they will no longer be afraid to try this in the future.

Puraran Surf School

Be assured of both stoke and safety when you are under the care of our surf instructors. They are trained to match each student’s learning pace so beginners won’t feel pressured to stand up on the board right away, or more experienced novices won’t get tired of just being pushed in the white water. In this crowd-free environment, trust that your instructor will be able to listen to you and adjust the lesson according to your skill level.

Puraran Surf School

And when you finally get the hang of balancing yourself on a surf board, you can marvel at the clear waters and pristine landscapes of Catanduanes’ hidden gem, and know that in that moment, you were part of it.

Puraran Surf Camp

Best Beginner Months – March – August
Best Advance Months – September – October

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